Aircraft Analytics

Aircraft Commerce, along with our partners Aircraft IT are pleased to launch Aircraft Analytics, a powerful new subscription-based digital resource for the industry. Aircraft Analytics provides real-world aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs at your fingertips.

The Aircraft Analytics products perfectly combine 20+ years of in-depth research and analysis feature articles from Aircraft Commerce with inspiration and partnerships from the latest cutting-edge aviation software tools promoted via Aircraft IT, alongside our own team’s experience of 70+ years in senior airline management roles.  Aircraft Analytics provides an unrivalled suite of data and analysis modules offering the industry a key reference point for aircraft specifications, performance and operating costs, and acts as an enabling resource for benchmarking and comparisons.

CLICK HERE – to visit Aircraft Analytics, for full information.

The Aircraft Analytics products are divided into modules featuring specific aircraft types: Freighters, Regional, Narrow-Body, Wide-Body, Freighters, Engines.

Each module allows you to access decision grade, real-world aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs by aircraft variant, or to compare types. Modules include:

  • Interactive Network Performance Tool
  • Interactive Payload/Range Tool
  • Definitive Aircraft Specifications
  • Interactive Maintenance Forecasting and Costs Tool
  • Capability to Create and Export Key Data Reports in Seconds
  • Digital Subscription to Aircraft Commerce, including access to 1000s of Online Analysis Articles
  • Lots more….

Launch Module – Coming Soon: